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Form a Florida LLC

Many types of businesses may want to form an LLC in Florida. This can be done relatively easily if you know what you need to do and hire a service to assist you. You can even form an anonymous Florida LLC to keep your personal information off the public database and website.

Advantages of Florida LLCs

There are many reasons to consider forming an LLC in Florida, including the fact that the Division of Corporations as well as Sunbiz in Florida strongly encourage the formation of new businesses. Going with an LLC will reduce your business and personal risks thanks to limited liability protection.

It is also possible to get anonymity from your Florida LLC if you form it via the proper process. Doing so will give you additional protection from people who want to harm you or take advantage of your assets or business.

Additionally, you do not even have to visit Florida, or even the United States, to form an LLC in Florida. You also have multiple taxation options with LLCs in Florida, including as S- or C-Corps.

Holding Companies

If you want even more protection than what is offered by typical Florida LLCs, you could also opt for a holding company combined with subsidiaries. This structure is particularly popular in industries associated with a high level of risk, such as real estate. Holding companies are also common for anyone who has significant assets of a personal nature that they want to protect.

Holding companies work to protect your assets by separating the assets and operational liabilities. The holding company itself just owns the assets but does not participate in any sort of operations. Its subsidiaries can lease or rent the assets and those subsidiaries are responsible for daily operations. This way, something like a lawsuit related to operations cannot result in the loss of your assets since separate business entities are involved.

Some people are hesitant to hire professional services to be their registered agents due to the slightly higher cost. The reality, however, is that professional services will typically save you money over time by preventing legal trouble or fees associated with missing crucial notices or documents.

Why Consider Hiring a Professional for Filing

You can technically register your Florida LLC yourself, but most people will find it much smarter to hire a professional company to take care of this for them. That is because a single tiny mistake can lead to significant expenses. Companies are unlikely to make mistakes due to their experience. In the unlikely event they do make an error, they will know the quickest method of correcting it.

Professional companies can also assist you with slightly more complicated formation processes for LLCs, such as anonymous ones. In this case, you would use the company’s contact information on certain formation documents. Most professionals will also offer being listed as the organizer to further protect your privacy.

In general, a professional that assists with your Florida LLC’s formation will provide numerous services, all of which save you time and effort. This can include crafting your Articles of Organization and Operating Agreement. They will likely also assist you with annual compliance requirements, such as annual reports.

Forming a Florida LLC can provide protection of your assets thanks to reduced liabilities, making it a popular option for business entities. Consider streamlining the formation process with professional assistance.

Reasons to Consider Professional Registered Agent Services

Since Florida lets you act as your own registered agent, it is common to wonder why so many people choose to hire a professional service instead. There are actually numerous advantages of hiring a professional service that will more than make up for the slight cost.

These services will assist you with legal compliance, including state requirements. This includes providing you with reminders for your regular filings. That can prevent things like penalties and legal fees. Professional services can also help LLCs find legal professionals and accountants that specialize in Florida LLCs. They will even maintain copies of the LLC's key documents so that you have an additional backup.

Registered agent services also provide reassurance, letting you focus your efforts on actually running the business. They can also assist with the balance between work and life and even offer some personal guidance in certain situations.

Using a professional service also allows for flexibility, such as the ability to pick your business hours. They even enhance your privacy by including their address and contact information on the public record instead of your personal information.