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Filing an Annual Report

Companies must file their Annual Report every year. The charge for most companies is $50, plus two dollars for paying online. You may file online here with the Wyoming Secretary of State. If you do, they only accept MasterCard or Visa, and have your Filing ID ready (it's on the upper right of your articles). You can also mail it with a money order or check.

Send your report here:

Wyoming Secretary of State
Business Division
2020 Carey Avenue #700
Cheyenne, WY 82002

Amending Annual Reports

You CAN amend your annual report! Submit a Change of Officers/Directors form or contact the Business Division at Business@wyo.gov for any other changes.


Your annual report is the greater of $50 or two-tenths of one million on the dollar ($0.0002) of Wyoming assets. Wyoming charges a $2 convenience fee for filing online.

Wyoming Secretary of State

There are no late fees for missing the report, but eventually Wyoming will begin the process of dissolving your business.

Important Dates

Annual Reports for corporations, non-profits and limited liability companies are due on the first day of your anniversary month. So say you filed for the company on October 22, October 1 would be the first day of your anniversary month! The date for Statutory Trusts is January 1.

What corporate services do we offer?

We offer services designed to make starting and running your company simple. Allow us to form your company, run your virtual office, forward your mail and act as your registered agent. You focus on what matters - running your company.


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Virtual Offices
Virtual Offices

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